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Warmachine: High Command – Colossal Warfare Expansion Review

Colossal WarfareStats:
No. of players: 2-4
Amount of time to play: 60-90 min
Age requirements: 12+
Set-up time: 5-10 minutes

Colossal Warfare is the latest campaign expansion for Warmachine High Command. It adds new warriors and war casters and introduces colossal warjacks and battle engines to the game.

Colossal Warfare Description:

In case you have not tried High Command before, you can read my overview of the rules and review here. The rest of this post will concentrate on the new things added in the Colossal Warfare expansion.

The Cygnar faction gets 3 VP colossal, Stormwall, it costs 8 War to purchase or 12 rush. It can kill a warrior with less than 2 Health at its location or make an enemy warjack there -1 Power. The Storm Lance Platoon is a 3 Power warrior worth 1 VP that gins +2 Power on the turn you deploy it. Storm Strider is a battle engine worth 2 VP that forces enemy units at its location to use their base Power. Captain E Dominic Darius is their new warcaster. He has just 3 Power but adds +1 Power to friendly warjacks at his location and they cannot be destroyed.

The Judicator is a colossal worth 1 VP that lets you draw an additional card at the end of your orders step. The new Menoth warrior, Exemplar Vengers Phalanx, is able to move to a location where one of your cards are destroyed at the end of your turn. The Vessel of Judgment is a battle engine that returns enemy cards with 2 Health or less to their owners’ hands. The Harbinger of Menoth destroys all enemy cards at her location with 2 Health or less.

The Conquest is a colossal warjack worth 3 VP for Khador. It stops your opponents from rushing or deploying any cards with les than 2 Health to its location. Iron Fang Uhlans are a new warrior with 3 Power and 5 Health that gains +1 Health if there is another friendly card at its location. The Winter Guard Gun Carriage with 2 Power and 7 Health is worth 2 VP. It gains +1 Power for each of one opponent’s warrior card at its location. Karchev the Terrible is this faction’s new warcaster. He has 5 Power, adds +1 Power and takes 1 War off your purchase and rush costs while he is at a location.

The Cryx get the colossal warjack Kraken. It is worth 2 VP has 4 Power and 7 Health. Enemy cards destroyed at its location are placed under it. For each card under it, it gains +1 Power. Bane Riders Cadre are new warriors worth 2 VP that gain +1 Power if an opponent deploys cards to its locations. Their new battle engine, Wraith Engine, is worth 2 VP and cannot be destroyed or attack until the start of your next turn. Warcaster, Lich Lord Venethax, has 4 Power and drops one enemy card’s Power to 0.

In addition to these cards, each faction gets one resource that is normally worth 3 Command or 3 War. But if it is used to rush or purchase a colossal or battle engine unit it is worth 5 Command or 5 War.

Quick Review of the Colossal Warfare Expansion:

Colossal Warfare adds some heavy hitters to Warmachine: High Command. And even though these new units are expensive the new resources that help you get them out are nice. The other new units and battles engines give you more options when selecting detachments too.

The components for this game are nice and on par with the rest of the series. The art is good and cards are of good quality.

The big thing to like in this expansion are the colossal warjacks. They pack a punch and can take a hit too. This expansion helps Warmachine: High Command keep pace with the Hordes: High Command. Its latest expansion, Gargantuan Might, added colossals and battle engines to that universe. Also, new warcasters means new options for detachment and special ability combinations.

If you enjoy Warmachine: High Command you should look into picking Colossal Warfare up. It is one of the better expansions and adds some fun new unit types. I still think the Invasion of Sul expansion is a bit better as it adds more replay value to the series. If you play against someone using this expansion or Gargantuan Might you should probably grab this to stay competitive. Either way you won’t regret buying this one.

Score and synopsis: (Click here for an explanation of these review categories.)
Strategy 4 out of 6
Luck 4 out of 6
Player Interaction 4 out of 6
Replay Value 5 out of 6
Complexity 4 out of 6
Fun 5 out of 6
Overall 5 out of 6

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