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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

Review Categories

Strategy: The amount of decisions and plans a player has to make and how much influence those decision have on the game. The higher the number more strategy the game has.

Luck: Some gamers see luck as the opposite of strategy, but to me luck represents the amount of randomness in a game.

Player Interaction: Some games feel like you are playing solitaire while others feel like a constant negotiation. If this number is higher you are talking and affecting other players more.

Replay Value: Besides the players and their actions, how much does the game change each time you play? Dynamic boards and changing roles make for more variety and thus a higher number.

Complexity: This refers to how hard a game is to learn and teach as well as the number of mechanics and elements to keep track of.

Fun: Pretty much just how fun I think the game is…

Overall: This is a combination of all the above and really comes down to how likely I am to want to play it.

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