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Storm King’s Thunder Review

Storm King's ThunderStorm King’s Thunder is an adventure for Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition. This module is full of giants, dragons and adventure!

Storm King’s Thunder Description:

Storm King’s Thunder is set in the northern region of the Sword Coast. The book starts with a list of all the adventure’s main cast of characters including where to find them in the book. It then gives you a synopsis of Giant culture and some details on various Giant Lords that are causing issues in the realms. Next is a look at how the factions play into the adventure. Some of the factions’ interests go back to the Rise of Tiamat adventure. The introduction ends with a flowchart that outlines the entire book.

This module is meant to bring PCs from level 5 to 11. And the first chapter is for parties that want to start from first level. The first chapter details a series of small adventures around a small settlement, Nightstone.

Once the adventures in Chapter 1 are completed the characters should be 5th level and ready to begin Chapter 2, Rumblings. This chapter starts in one of three locations that the DM chooses. And in addition to their PC each player will have an NPC with ties to that location. If the PC can keep their NPC alive they get a special quest to complete. The rest of the chapter gives details for each of the locations, how they are attacked and the NPC’s special quests.

Chapter 3 is titled The Savage Frontier and is full of information about the setting for this module. It has a table for random encounters, a bunch of maps and lots of useful information about the region. Many of the locations have details for suggested encounters and possible treasure to be found.

The next chapter gets back to the main adventure. The PCs must travel to the Eye of the All-Father to get more information and then retrieve a relic. Upon returning with the relic they are sent to confront one of the Giant Lords.

Chapters 5 through 9 each detail a different Giant Lord’s encampment. The PCs must take down the Giant Lord and obtain the conch to get them to the Storm Giants’ Hold.

At the Hold of the Storm Giants (Chapter 10) the PCs must gain the trust of the heir who gives them a clue. The clue leads them to the Kraken Society where they must find the storm king (Chapter 11). After helping King Hekaton escape there is one final battle between the storm giants and their foes the blue dragons (Chapter 12).

Appendices A-D are full of additional information need to run or supplement the campaign. This includes ways to link Storm King’s Thunder to other published 5e adventures. There are also lists of magic items and stat blocks for creatures and special NPCs.

Quick Review of Storm King’s Thunder:

Storm King’s Thunder is a good module with a lot of information about the Sword Coast in it. The flow is a sandbox type campaign and you could even replay it. You could even use some encounters from Chapter 3 and piece together a larger campaign from this book.

This book is definitely the most organized of the 5e adventure modules. Chapter 3 seems a little out of place, but the flow chart in the introduction and index of NPCs helps you find the information you need.

The layout and art looks great. Everything is easy to see and some page spreads just look fantastic.

Storm King’s Thunder is a great addition to the published adventures for DnD 5e. It can be used with the other published adventures or as a resource for the northern region of the Sword Coast. If your group likes playing campaigns that are not linear or if you want something a bit shorter than the other published 5e books, this one is for you.

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