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Lords of Waterdeep Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion Review

Scoundrels of SkullportStats:
No. of players: 2-6
Amount of time to play: 50-60 min
Age requirements: 10+
Set-up time: 5 minutes

Scoundrels of Skullport is the first expansion for Lords of Waterdeep. The expansion is made up of two modules Undermountain and Skullport. You can add them to the base game individually or at the same time.

Scoundrels of Skullport Rules Description:

Lords of Waterdeep is a worker placement game and the expansion adds a couple new rules, new lords to play and other new elements to the game. I am not going to go over all the rules of Lords of Waterdeep. If you have not played it or are looking for a description of the gameplay and rules, you can read my review of Lords of Waterdeep.

When adding a new module to the base game you simply add the new cards and buildings to the rest. The new modules also add expansion game boards with new action spaces to gain resources. And you may now play as the Gray Hands and up to six players.

The Undermountain module adds new buildings, quests and intrigue cards. Some of the new cards and buildings require you to add resources to action spaces. When you take an action that has resources on them you also take the resources. The quests in this module also tend to be worth more VPs (up to 40) and require more gold and adventurers.

The Skullport module adds corruption it can help you get ahead but may make pay in the end. One of the new boards has powerful action spaces that also give you corruption. You take the corruption from the other new board. Each space holds three corruption markers and has a negative value on it. At the end of the game for each corruption marker you have you lose points equal to the last empty space on the corruption tracker. There are some intrigue cards, buildings and quests that allow you to return markers to the corruption track.

There are also two new optional rules. You can play a long game by adding a module and getting an extra agent from the start of the game. Rules are also provided if you want to play with both new modules.

Quick Review of Scoundrels of Skullport:

The Scoundrels of Skullport is a fun expansion that adds a few new things to the Lords of Waterdeep. There are not many new rules or mechanics to learn but the new elements add some fun.

The components for this game are top notch. The box insert again is amazing. The cards, art and rules all look great.

The addition of corruption adds some interesting decisions. You need to weigh getting resources quicker with possibly losing points at the end of the game. There are even ways to remove corruption markers from the game and score VPs for having less corruption than your opponents.

I really like what corruption adds to the game but some others might not. So it is nice that the Undermountain module is included in case you want to play a game that is mostly the same as the original.

Getting a new faction and new lords are just icing on the cake. Both are nice to have especially the new lords that interact with the new modules.

Scoundrels of Skullport is a really good expansion. In fact I am not sure I’ll play Lords of Waterdeep without the Skullport module. Even though it only adds a small wrinkle it creates more meaningful decisions and tension. If you own Lords of Waterdeep you should try out this expansion. You won’t regret it.

Score and synopsis: (Click here for an explanation of these review categories.)
Strategy 4 out of 6
Luck 4 out of 6
Player Interaction 3 out of 6
Replay Value 5 out of 6
Complexity 3 out of 6
Fun 6 out of 6
Overall 5 out of 6

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