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Las Vegas Board Game Review

Las Vegas Board GameStats:
No. of players: 2-5
Amount of time to play: 30 min
Age requirements: 8+
Set-up time: minimal

Las Vegas is a dice rolling game that plays fast and appeals to a wide variety of people. You must roll dice to win the most money over four rounds to win this game.

Las Vegas Board Game Rules Description:

There is money to be won in the Vegas casinos. You just need to get more of your dice on the casinos than your opponents to take the cash.

Each of the four rounds in Las Vegas star the same way. You deal out money cards that range from $10,000 to $90,000 onto each of the six casinos. You place cards onto a casino until it has at least $50,000 on it.

The casinos are labeled one through six and on your turn you roll your dice. You start the game with eight dice and after rolling them you must place all your dice showing one number onto the matching numbered casino.

After all players have placed all their dice you check to see who has the most dice on each casino. If players have the same number of dice they are removed from the casino. Then the player with the most gets the highest money card there. Then the player with the second most dice on that casino takes the second highest money card (if there is one). This continues until all money cards are gone. If there are more money cards then different players’ dice the extra money cards go to the bottom of the deck.

After four rounds the player with the most money wins.

Quick Review of Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is a board game that while not highly strategic is fun, easy to teach and quick to play. You can play this with non-gamers, family members and kids. It also makes an excellent filler.

The components for the game are high quality and the rules are simple and easy to read. The art is not amazing but gets the job done.

The first thing I like about Las Vegas is the variant with extra dice. This variant gives each player two neutral white dice. They represent the house and can be used to cancel out other players dice. Any money cards won with white dice goes to the bottom of the deck. This adds more strategy and “take that” to this game. This version will also appeal to your more hard-core gamer friends and increase the amount of player interaction.

I also like being able to play this without the variant on some situations. My kids like it and we can all enjoy it without the variant white dice. It is nice the game can be played and is fun on both levels and is accessible and enjoyable by a variety of people.

Since the core mechanic here is dice rolling there is a lot of luck involved. And it stinks to need a six with two die left only to roll two ones that don’t help you win any money cards. But I think most everyone will understand the amount of randomness in the game when they get to the table.

Las Vegas is a fun board game that is great for starting or finishing off a board game night. It is super easy to teach and play yet still exciting and fun. It plays well with young kids and family members that aren’t that into hobby board games. So if you are looking for a fun new filler, have kids or just want a game to enjoy with your family and friends you should pick Las Vegas up.

Score and synopsis: (Click here for an explanation of these review categories.)
Strategy 2 out of 6
Luck 6 out of 6
Player Interaction 4 out of 6
Replay Value 4 out of 6
Complexity 2 out of 6
Fun 4 out of 6
Overall 4 out of 6

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2 Responses to “Las Vegas Board Game Review”

  1. Doisneau says:

    Were can we buy one in Melbourne Australia?

  2. Jason C says:

    I am not sure. But You can find it on Amazon.

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