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Holiday Board Game Gift Guide for 2012

Gift GuideWell it is that time of the year again, the holiday season. And as much as I hate that it starts so early, it is never too early to start thinking about what to get the gamer in your life. The gift ideas in my guide from 2011 and 2010 are still good ones and this list just adds to those.

Here is my Holiday Board Game Gift Guide for 2012

For Ages 3-6
Elephant’s Trunk – This is great for young kids. It helps them learn colors and match items.
Rory’s Story Cubes – All ages can enjoy these. Simply roll and let the creativity flow. Both my kids love to make up imaginative stories when we play this game.
Take It or Leave It – This game is probably best suited for the older kids in this age group. But even younger kids can help you roll the dice as you make decisions. This is great for developing addition skills and learning to match.

For Ages 7-12
King of Tokyo – This game can be enjoyed by all in this age range, and even younger kids if you help them read and understand the cards.
Oz Fluxx – Quick, fun and chaotic, what about this game would a 7-12 year old kid not like.
Scallywags – There is a bit of “take that” in this game but it is fun. Good for this age range and above.
Scrumbrawl – While adults may not appreciate the randomness in this game, kids can enjoy and embrace the chaos.

For Ages 12+
7 Wonders – This could even be listed under party games since up to seven can play it. But it scales well and is fun and only takes about a half hour.
Dungeon Command – This game is awesome for a few of the categories on this page. Strategic and fun for anyone that can read and understand the tactics involved.
Smash Up – Another game that involves some “take that”. The amount will depend on who you play with. This game is easy to understand and fun.

For 2 players
Mage Wars – If you have the time to delve deep into this system you’ll be rewarded. This game is fun and there is a lot to explore. Just don’t expect to quickly teach it to a lot of new people.
Summoner Wars – This is an excellent two player strategy card game. The streamlined mechanics make it easy to teach, learn and play.
Twilight Struggle – A very strategic war game that is highly regarded for good reasons. It is long but worth it.
War of the Ring – Theme and mechanics are married beautifully in this simulation of the Lord of the Rings. Another that will take some time to play but worth the time.

Party Game
Wits and Wagers Party – Another trivia game that anyone can play and enjoy. This was made to bring to parties.
Zombie in My Pocket – With the right group this can be a lot of fun. Just how cooperative it is will depend on your group.

Solo Game
The Lord of the Rings: the card game – This living card game let’s you get involved as much as you like. The game play is fun and can even be played cooperatively.
Thunderbolt Apache Leader – Great game of aerial warfare. You get to build your planes in detail, choose their pilots and fly missions.

Have any gifts to add? Maybe something you want or have received as a gift this last year. Leave your thoughts in the comments section and enjoy this holiday season.


One Response to “Holiday Board Game Gift Guide for 2012”

  1. Jim says:

    Dungeon Command is on the list for my two guys. Just not sure which box to buy for each. You need to do a post on the different tactics used for each box.

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