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Unleashed RPG Review

Unleashed  RPG Core RulesThe Unleashed RPG is set in the wilds of Iron Kingdoms. In this fantasy setting you play monsters that roam and fight for survival in Western Immoren.

Unleashed Roleplaying Game Description:
The Unleashed Core Rules book is a hefty 480 pages. It has all the information you need for creating monstrous characters and adventuring in this detailed fantasy setting. There are almost 100 pages dedicated to the history, tribes and terrain of Western Immoren.

The next section details character creation. You can choose from eight races including humans and Nyss (which are in the detailed in the original Iron Kingdoms Rules). There are four character archetypes, Mighty, Skilled, Cunning and Gifted. Based on your race and archetype you then choose two careers. These careers determine your starting skills and abilities. They might even give some initial equipment. You can purchase more equipment too.

Combat is the same as it is in the original Core Set Rules. It is 2d6 based and each round you can move, take a quick action and make an attack. Some actions take a full round and use both your quick action and attack for the round. To resolve attacks you add your roll of 2d6 to your MAT for melee or RAT for ranged combat. You compare this to your target’s Defense to see if you hit. If you do hit then you roll 2d6 and add your weapons POW. This gets compared to the target’s Armor. Any points above their armor value damages the target.

The next section is all about magic including how the different traditions, will weavers and harnessers. Will weavers are typical RPG spell casters while harnessers use their magic to control large warbeasts. The chapter details how to cast spells and lists all the spells and their effects.

The above mentioned warbeasts are the subject of the next section. It gives you the rules for warbeasts, what happens when they frenzy and how they are used in combat. The section ends with the stats of the various warbeasts, how they level and develop and what gear you can buy for them.

You also need gear for your character and the next section is full of it. It has stats and prices for mounts including bison, duskwolf, mountain goat and ulk. Bone grinders use natural ingredients (including the organs of fallen foes) to create magical effects.

The creatures you might fight are covered in the next section. There are a bunch of descriptions and stats of your possible foes.

The book ends with a section about game mastering Unleashed and a few appendixes with creature templates, gameplay tools and a model gallery.

A Quick Review of the Unleashed RPG:
The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG has a lot of things in it I like. I have really enjoyed the Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy RPG. And I like harsh RPG settings like Dark Sun for Dungeons and Dragons. So the system and setting of the Unleashed RPG both appeal to me.

The book looks great and the art, tone and colors give you a vivid look at the wilds and the creatures that roam it. The book is well-organized and has a good index for looking up specific items.

Though Unleashed and the original Iron Kingdoms share a lot in common, they still have enough differences to make them unique. For instance the special ability you can get from your archetype in Unleashed has some different options than those in the original.

This book is also a lot bigger than the original and the biggest addition feels like the creatures. It is nice to be able to just purchase this book as a Gamemaster and have everything you need to create an adventure.

I also just like the thought of playing a monster. You can eat you foes or use their organs for cool effects and bonuses. And who doesn’t like that? On that thought it might not be super family-friendly especially if you have young kids. But you can play with them when they are older.

If you already have played the Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy RPG you should check out the Unleashed RPG. If you have not tried this system, either book is a good start but I think this one is a bit more complete and did I mention, you play a monster!


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