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Top Ten Cooperative (and Semi-Cooperative) Board Games – 2013 Update

top-tenI decided to update my list of my top ten cooperative (or semi-cooperative) games. Like my other top ten lists, this list only includes games I have played. There is a list of honorable mentions at the bottom. These games either just missed the cut or are board games that I haven’t played but have heard good things about.

My Top Ten Cooperative Board Games

10. Castle Panic – A tower defense game that is easy to teach and play and fun for the entire family.

9. Rise of the Zombies – A horror-themed, survival game that is tough to win but I really like the real-time action, theme and game play.

8. Lord of the Rings – A classic that has great theme and mechanics that are easy to learn and teach.

7. Mage Knight Board Game – There is lots going on in this and it is very cool and fun. This game has some unique mechanics, if you have the time to play it.

6. DnD Adventure System Board GamesCastle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, and The Legend of Drizzt use the same system. Each has its own flavor and is great for nights you miss your normal RPG.

5. Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Here is another real-time cooperative game. You roll dice, collect gems and try escape the temple. All in ten minutes.

4. Sentinels of the Multiverse – A super hero co-op card game that is a bunch of fun. The new enhanced edition makes it even better. Things are easier to track and store.

3. Space Alert – This chaotic game is real-time with non-stop action. It requires good communication and teamwork to win.

2. Pandemic – Still an excellent gateway to cooperative bard games, you must save the world. The expansion adds even more life to it.

1. Defenders of the Realm – Again this game edges out the rest with lots of theme and great mechanics.

Honorable Mentions:
Arkham Horror series, Darkest Night, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Battle Star Galactica, Cranium Hoopla, Forbidden Island, Level 7 Escape, Mousquetaires du Roy, Shadows Over Camelot, Space Hulk: Death Angel, World of Warcraft: the board game

If you agree, disagree, or just have more to add in the comments section.

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12 Responses to “Top Ten Cooperative (and Semi-Cooperative) Board Games – 2013 Update”

  1. Wickwackadilleeosmack says:

    You ever try Ghost Stories? Surprised it’s not even an honorable mention. It’s probably my number 1 coop, followed by another not on your lists, Flash Point Fire Rescue.

  2. Jason C says:

    I have not played either of those but now I want to give them a try.

  3. I am also surprised at no mention of Ghost Stories, or especially Atlantis Rising, which is our groups most popular at this time.

  4. Jason C says:

    I cannot put something on the list I have never played, but I think I need to try Ghost Stories. Atlantis Rising I’ll have to look into.

  5. Ted says:

    You should try Conquest of Planet Earth and also Fortune and Glory from Flying Frog Games.

  6. Scott B says:

    I have Ghost Stories but have really struggled with learning the rules. Each time I’ve tried to play I’ve spent ages trying to work out what to do, then I get interrupted by my kids, wife, other stuff. The one game I did complete ended after only 3 rounds as I lost so badly.

  7. Scott B says:

    I should add that I am determined to persist. I feel like I’m missing something with the game at the moment as every review I’ve seen/read of it says this should one of the best co-ops I’ll ever play.

    I played Pandemic for the first time over the weekend and was surprised by how challenging it was. The “time limit” imposed by the player deck means it’s a real race to get the cures in time.

    I also own Castle Panic and really like it. I find it a bit too easy though, but my wife likes it which is both great and a bit surprising. I’m looking forward to getting the expansion as I’ve seen/read that it adds a lot to the game.

    I’m also keen to play Police Stories as I have a long line of coppers in my family.

  8. Manba Rion says:

    Try one of the funniest cooperative games: Dungeon Fighter

    And Mansions of Madness as Semi-Cooperative

  9. elRojo says:

    Try Robinson Crusoe – and your top 10 will be changed. 🙂

  10. Josh says:

    I’ve tried Ghost Stories and, whereas it’s fun, it’s not one of my top co-ops. I think that speaks to the number of great cooperative games on the market more than the quality of Ghost Stories.

    However, I would echo the sentiment about Flash Point. That one is a lot of fun.

    I would also include the Lord of the Rings LCG.

  11. Rodrigo says:

    I do recommend Gears of War.

  12. Gabbi says:

    I recommend Gears of War, too. Great game.

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