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Top Ten Board Games I was Introduced to in 2014

top-tenAnother year, a bunch of new board games I got to try. The following is the list of best board games I played for the first time this past year. They were not necessarily published in 2014 but it is the year when I was introduced to them. Full reviews can be read by clicking the game’s name (if I reviewed the game).

The top 10 games I was introduced to in 2014:

star-realms10. Star Realms – Simple, streamlined, deck-builder. Great for introducing non-gamers to deck-building games.

Rivet Wars9. Rivet Wars – This two-player miniatures skirmish game has great components, is easy to learn and is fun to play. Future expansions will only add to the fun.

star-wars-the-card-game8. Star Wars: the card game – Battle with your opponent to in the Star Wars universe. This living card game makes it easy to quickly construct decks and try them out.

Deadzone7. Deadzone – This miniatures skirmish game comes with terrain and streamlined rules. It takes a bit of time to put together but is very fun and looks great on the table.

Level 7 Invasion6. Level 7: Invasion – You and your fellow players must save the world from a full-scale alien invasion. You must manage your resources, stave off the alien threat and help create the defense the world needs.

Galaxy Defenders Board Game5. Galaxy Defenders – You play an elite fighting team that must defend Earth from aliens. This is a cooperative game that can be played as a campaign or as one-shot games.

Valley of the Kings Game4. Valley of the Kings – Small and portable this deck-building game is fun and unique. It plays pretty quick and is easy to teach and learn.

Battle of Five Armies board game3. Battle of the Five Armies – Another fun, thematic war game from the Tolkien universe. Not as epic as War of the Ring, but not as long either. It shares some mechanics with War of the Ring, but is not a retread.

Glass Road Board Game2. Glass Road – This is a fun, innovative board game about hand and resource management. You must choose workers and build the right buildings to win.

Kemet Board Game1. Kemet – If you like direct conflict and/or area control board games, then look no further. This game encourages you to attack and try to hold your ground. It scales well, looks great and even has a tech tree.

What were the best games you played in 2014? Why? Add your favorites and give some thoughts on my selections in the comments section.


4 Responses to “Top Ten Board Games I was Introduced to in 2014”

  1. Tom Cleaver says:

    Thanks for putting my Valley of the Kings on your list.

    Tom Cleaver

  2. Jason C says:

    It deserves it. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Kemet was #1 on my list too! Great game.

  4. Ben O'Steen says:

    Great to see Battle of Five Armies on the list. It scratches a similar thematic itch as War of the Ring, and while it is not as epic, this makes it easier to fit in a game of it!

    Valley of the Kings and Star Realms are both welcome additions to the deckbuilding genre and are both excellent!

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