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Top 10 Board Games I was Introduced to in 2016

top-tenAnother year has gone by and many of game were played. Here is my list of the best board games I played for the first time in 2016. Not allcame out in 2016 but that is when I first played them. Full game reviews can be read by clicking the game’s name (if I reviewed the game).

The top 10 games I was introduced to in 2016:

10. Between Two Cities – This drafting game is quick, easy to explain and can handle up to seven players.

9. Imperial Settlers – This empire-building, card game has four unique-playing civilizations for you to explore and win with.

8. Through the Ages – The latest edition of this civ-building board game brings changes to both the aesthetics and mechanics of this highly rated game. It is long but fun.

7. Mechs vs Minions – This cooperative board game has fantastic components and good mechanics.

6. Conan – The rules and scenarios need some polish but the player board and way you use, gain and lose energy is really well done.

5. Rattlebones – This dice-building game is unique, and though it is random, it is great with kids.

4. Mage Wars Academy – This simplified version of Mage Wars Arena is very fun and a great introduction to the system.

3. Dungeon Saga – This old school dungeon crawler is fun plays pretty quick and very accessible.

2. Tyrants of the Underdark – This is my favorite deck-builder that uses a board. Both your cards and the board matter.

1. Captain Sonar – When telling people about this game I tell them to imagine real-time battleship. It is chaotic, requires teamwork and plays pretty fast.

What were the best games you played in 2016? Why did you like them? Add your favorites and give some feedback on my selections in the comments section below.


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