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Tokaido App Review

Tokaido AppTokaido is a unique board game about taking a journey. You gain VPs by stopping at different places along the path.

Tokaido takes place over four days and then ends. At the end of each day you must stop at the inn to eat. But throughout the day you stop and take in different sights and experiences.

First you select which traveler you will play. Each traveler will give you a unique bonus and starting gold. You get two random travelers and pick one to use.

There are eight types of places you can visit on your travels; the temple, spa, mountains, sea, fields, farm and souvenir shop or you can have an encounter. At the temple you donate gold. You get one VP for each gold you donate. The spa gets you one to three VPs. The mountains, sea and fields get you 1 VP for the first visit and an additional VP every time you visit and paint them. At each of these sights you paint a panorama until it is done. At the farm you get three gold. And at the souvenir shop you buy items to create sets for VPs. You can also stop and encounter someone on the path. Depending on who you encounter, you gain a bonus as if you visited one of the buildings on the path.

There are only one or two places to stop at each destination. And the traveler closest to the beginning of the trail takes their turn.

Once you reach the end of the journey you get bonus VPs for different achievements. The first player to finish the sea, mountains, or fields panorama scores bonus VPs. Players that donate to the temple get bonus VPs depending on who gave the most, second most, etc. And if you encountered the most people on the trail or visited the most spas you get 3 bonus VPs. Lastly the player that spent the most on their meals at the inns gets 3 VPs. The player with the most VPs wins the game.

Quick Review of the Tokaido App:

The Tokaido App is an excellent digital interpretation of the board game. It has the same beautiful look and is easy to play and understand. It can be played solo, online or in pass and play mode.

The tutorial does a good job introducing all the different locations and their actions. It also shows you where to find the bonus track and how to view your collection. It is all very intuitive and attractive.

The game is light but is full of tactical decisions and fun. The AI is competitive and they recently added the option to speed up its turns. And if you like the analog version of the game you will like its digital counterpart. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

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