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Tales from the Yawning Portal Review

Tales from the Yawning PortalTales from the Yawning Portal updates seven of the deadliest dungeons for 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons.

Tales from the Yawning Portal Description:

Tales from the Yawning Portal is full of some famous and deadly dungeons for you to try out in the 5th Edition ruleset. You can drop one into your current campaign, run them separately or you could bridge them together to use this book for your next campaign.

The introduction gives a blurb about each of the seven adventures. Including the author(s), when it was written and what level PCs it is for. It also talks about the Yawning Portal, the tavern, as a setting.

Chapters 1 through 7 detail the updated adventures; The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoahcan, White Plume Mountain, Dead in Thay, Against the Giants and Tomb of Horrors. In addition to providing tips for running these adventures and maps, each chapter has a section that places the adventure in various popular DnD settings. A small section at the beginning of each chapter is dedicated to the original dungeons. It even has a photo of the original module.

Appendix A is full of all the new magic items you’ll encounter in this book. And Appendix B contains stats and write-ups of the new monsters you’ll encounter.

Quick Review of Tales from the Yawning Portal:

Being able to run all these dungeons in 5th Edition is great. As much as this is a trip down memory lane for some fans, it is an opportunity for many newcomers.

I played in a campaign which started with The Sunless Citadel and continued to The Forge of Fury. These are fun adventures that DMs can enjoy running and PCs playing. For DMs I really like the tips for placing them in a setting you might be running. It is also pretty easy to take these dungeons and place them in your own homebrew campaign.

My only real complaint with this book is that some of the maps are a bit too small. Most are fine and you can find some of them online. But it would have been nice for all of them to be easily viewed and read in the book.

I think most groups will enjoy playing the dungeons in Tales from the Yawning Portal. And most DMs will be able to fit them into their settings and campaigns. Check out the book or pick it up, it is worth it.

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