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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

Posts Tagged: three or more players

That’s It! Party Game Review

That’s It! is a party game. You are given a clue with many answers. Be the first player to answer correctly and you score points which get you cards. The first player to collect three cards wins.

City of Horror Review

City of Horror is a game of survival and negotiation. Zombies have infiltrated the city and rescue is 4 hours away. Can you survive long enough and get the most victory points to win?

Wits and Wagers Party Review

Wits and Wagers Party is a trivia and betting game that can be played with a large group of people. That said it scales very well and is family friendly.

Heavens of Olympus Review

The Heavens of Olympus is an abstract area control game with simultaneous action selection. You are an unknown god trying to win Zeus’s favor by lighting up the night sky. Gain the most prestige in five days and win!

Ranking Board Game Review

Ranking is a party game about comparisons and bluffing. If you can fake out your opponents you can win this game.