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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

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World Boardgaming Championship – 2014

I returned to the World Boardgaming Championships again this year. And again it as only for one day. The day went fast but was full of fun.

My Day at the 2013 World Boardgaming Championships

Going to the World Boardgaming Championships has become a yearly staple for me. As in past years I was only able to make it one day, but as before, I had a fun time.

My day at UnPub3

Last year I had other obligations and missed Unpub2. So this year I made sure not to miss UnPub3. I got to play some fun games and meet some awesome people from the board game community.

My Day at the World Boardgaming Championships – 2012

I enjoyed the World Boardgaming Championships so much last year, I knew I has to go again this year. My experience was different but still very fun!

RISK Legacy Follow-up with Spoilers

First I want to warn you there are some spoilers in this post. This post is after nine games and talks about my RISK Legacy experience up to this point.