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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

Posts Tagged: four or more players

Time’s Up Review

Time’s Up is a party game in which you must get your team to guess celebrities. But over the three rounds of play what information you can give and how changes.

Top 10 Family Board Games – 2011 Update

For me, a family board game is easy to learn, fairly quick to play and accessible to a variety of ages.

Apples to Apples Review

Apples to Apples is a party game of word association, often with funny adjective-noun combinations. Your goal is to get the judge to pick your noun as the one that best goes with their adjective.

What’s Yours Like? Review

What’s Yours Like? is a party game in which one player is trying to guess a mystery word. All other players give truthful clues describing what theirs is like. The player who guesses their mystery word with the fewest number of clues wins.

Pandemic Session Report

We played Pandemic using the On the Brink Expansion. There were four of us with a good bit of experience with the game so we tried playing the Virulent Strain Challenge. For the most part it may have been too challenging…