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Posts Tagged: expansion

Tash-Kalar Etherweave Expansion Review

The Tash-Kalar Etherweave expansion adds one more faction to the board game. The Etherweave are time travelers and can affect the arena even before they are summoned.

VS 2PCG Monsters Unleashed Expansion Review

Monsters Unleashed is a stand-alone expansion for the VS 2PCG series. This set introduces the Champions, Inhumans, and a Monsters Unleashed team plus the evil Leviathon.

Race for the Galaxy App Expansions Review

Three of the expansions for Race for the Galaxy have been added to the app, including, A Gathering Storm, Rebel vs Imperium, and Brink of War.

War of the Ring Warriors of Middle-Earth Review

Warriors of Middle-Earth is the second expansion for the Second Edition of War of the Ring. It adds factions for the Shadow and Free Peoples players.

VS 2PCG The Predator Battles Expansion Review

The Predator Battles is a stand-alone expansion for VS 2PCG. You can play as the Predators or the Prey.