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Posts Tagged: Dominion

Dominion: Prosperity Review

Dominion: Prosperity is the latest expansion for Dominion. Prosperity focuses on wealth and adds more treasure and victory cards to the game.

Dominion: Prosperity Card List

Dominion: Prosperity will hit the market soon. Here is a card list with complete stats and text for each card. Enjoy!

Dominion with some Intrigue, Seaside and Alchemy Session Report

We tried mixing a bit of every expansion I had. The results were interesting.

Dominion Alchemy Review

Dominion Alchemy expands the Dominion series by adding new cards and a new Treasure type. This expansion is about actions and stringing actions together.

Dominion: Seaside + Alchemy Session Report

This was a random supply from Dominion: Seaside and Dominion: Alchemy. There were six cards from Seaside and four from Alchemy. The Supply consisted of: (view cards here) Apprentice, Apothecary, Bazaar, Familiar, Ghost Ship, Haven, Navigator, Smugglers, Vineyard, Wharf