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Posts Tagged: card game

VS 2PCG A-Force Expansion Review

A-Force is the second expansion for the VS 2PCG. It adds two new teams, more characters and more fun power combinations.

Stak Bots Red Expansion Review

Red is the latest stand-alone expansion for Stak Bots, a robot-fighting, card game. More bots means new powers and more crazy combos.

Imperial Settlers Atlanteans Expansion Review

The Atlanteans expansion introduces a new faction to Imperial Settlers with some new mechanics and new cards for all the existing factions.

VS 2PCG Defenders Expansion Review

Defenders is the first expansion for the VS 2PCG system. It adds two new factions, more main characters and a bunch more supporting characters.

Mage Wars Academy Review

Mage Wars Academy features a more streamlined ruleset and is quicker to play than its big brother Mage Wars Arena. But that doesn’t translate to this version being less fun.