Super Dungeon Explore Von Drakk Manor Expansion Review

Von Drakk Manor is the second expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. This set has an undead theme and adds new heroes, new spawn points, new minions and a new boss and mini-boss.

Admiral Review

Admiral puts you in command of a fleet of sailing ships. You must master the winds and complete the scenario based goals to beat your opponents.

Winter Expansion Review

Winter is an expansion for either 51st State or the New Era. You must have one of these games to play the expansion. Winter is set in the world of Neuroshima and you must out-build and out-score your opponents to win.

Super Dungeon Explore Caverns of Roxor Review

Caverns of Roxor is the first expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. It adds a few new heroes, two new spawn points (with two new monster types), and a new boss and mini-boss.

Shadowrift Review

Shadowrift is a cooperative deckbuilding game. You and your fellow players must protect Haven Town from waves of monsters that have escaped the Shadowrift.

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