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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

Posts Tagged: 2 to 5 players

Ra Board Game Review

Ra is an auction and set collection board game with a bit of press your luck. If you bid wisely and get lucky you can win.

MtG Planeswalkers – Battle for Zendikar Expansion Review

Battle for Zendikar is the first expansion for Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers. It adds more creatures, spells and scenarios.

RYU Board Game Review

RYU is a resource management game with a rondel and drafting mechanic. Can you gather resources and build your dragon before your opponents?

Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Review

Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers pits two or more wizards from the Magic universe against each other in a miniatures skirmish game.

Cartagena Board Game Review

In 1672 there was a pirate-lead jailbreak at the Cartagena fortress. In Cartagena the board game you need to get all your pirates on the boat to escape before your opponents.