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Super Dungeon Tactics Review

Super Dungeon TacticsSuper Dungeon Tactics is a light RPG, turn-based video game. It is based on the characters and setting from the board game, Super Dungeon Explore.

Super Dungeon Tactics Description:

Super Dungeon Tactics takes place in Crystalia and features the same heroes and monsters from Super Dungeon Explore. Many of the terms and mechanics from SDE are in Super Dungeon Tactics so you can get a general idea of the gameplay from here. Though the theme, world, and participants are taken from SDE many of the mechanics and heroes have changed.

One big change is a buff/debuff phase. In this phase you roll a die for each of your heroes then you must assign a die to each of them. Most of the results help the hero by letting them dish out more damage, move farther, gain addition defense or heal. But a skull result will penalize them with a different negative effect depending on the hero.

When you gain loot it alters your heroes’ individual die this increases their stats and abilities. You can reassign equipment between missions to create a custom party for each scenario.

As you venture through the realm you met new heroes that will join your party. All your heroes hang out at the guild between missions where you can buy items and gear up for the next adventure.

Quick Review of Super Dungeon Tactics:

Super Dungeon Tactics is a fun game set in the world of Super Dungeon Explore. That said it is a different game. It uses some of the same game terms as the board game but the game flow is different.

Being a digital game it has some advantages over the analog version. There is no setup involved and you can play by yourself. The graphics look good but the dialogue is a bit cheesy.

If you enjoy Super Dungeon Explore and like the heroes and world, you should give this a try. It can be play cross-platform and is available on Steam.

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