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Smash Up App Review

Smash Up AppSmash Up is an area control card game with high interaction. And now it has been released digitally.

Smash Up App Description:

If you are not familiar with the analog game, read my review and overview of Smash Up to gain an understanding of how to play. This post is going to talk about the digital implementation of this game.

Once you fire up the app you select which type of game you want to play, local or online. You can also choose to go through the tutorial or look at your stats and achievements. Next you choose the number of human and/or AI players, AI difficulty, and if you will choose factions or pick them randomly.

After you and you’re your opponents pick your factions (if you choose that option), the game begins. You play cards by selecting them and then selecting the base, player or minion you want play them on. Pressing any card brings up its text so you can read any abilities or effects.

Smash Up App

As you add cards to a base you get a running total of each player’s power and the total power of all players versus what is need to score it.

The game continues until someone reaches 15 VP. Then the game ends and they are the winner.

Quick Review of the Smash Up App:

The Smash Up app is a direct replica of the analog card game. If you do not enjoy the regular game the digital adaptation is not going to change your opinion.

The tutorial is good and gets you into the game quickly. And though the controls are easy, the interface is a bit cramped. The cards feel too close together and this can be a problem on smaller devices.

I enjoy this game and trash-talking as I play it. So the online play does not appeal to me as much as the local play. If you have played Smash Up you have probably wished for (or come up with) a way to track the power on each base. The app does all that for you and that is fantastic.

Another good thing is the AI. It has three levels of difficulty and is not a push over. It seems to know the factions and which cards make for powerful combinations. This means it is great for solo play.

If you enjoy Smash Up, pick this up. Though the interface is not the best the tough AI and bookkeeping make up for that. It is available on iOS, Android and Steam.


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