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Race for the Galaxy App Review

Race for the Galaxy AppRace for the Galaxy is a classic action selection card game now available as an app for Android and iOS.

Race for the Galaxy App Description:

If you have not played Race for the Galaxy you can read my overview of the gameplay and review here. This is an iconic card game where you select an action. Then everyone executes all selected actions with the players that selected an action getting a bonus for that action. You build your tableau of planets and technology then total your score once someone has twelve cards in their tableau or the VPs are gone.

The app is very similar to the analog card game. You can play against up to three opponents. If they are AI opponents you can pick from easy, medium and hard difficulty. You can play online against other players too.

There is not much else to say as the app is exactly like the physical card game.

Race for the Galaxy App

Quick Review of the Race for the Galaxy App:

The Race for the Galaxy app is an excellent digital representation of the card game. And it will be very familiar for fans of the game.

The controls are easy to use and the tutorial does a good job of introducing you to the game and interface. If you need more rule clarification the full rules are just a click away.

I like having three levels of difficulty is really nice. It helps newer players do well while learning the game and makes things harder for veterans. Those familiar with the game will also be happy to know you can purchase the expansions too.

Once you learn the iconography and the cards this game really shines in digital form. So if you are new the game the app is a great way to learn both.

I wish the app had a pass and play mode. But I don’t think that is a deal breaker unless that is the only way you want to play the game. If you enjoy Race for the Galaxy, pick this up. Even if you are new and want to learn this fun card game, give the app a try. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

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