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Race for the Galaxy App Expansions Review

Race for the Galaxy AppThree of the expansions for Race for the Galaxy have been added to the app, including, A Gathering Storm, Rebel vs Imperium, and Brink of War.

Race for the Galaxy App Expansions Description:

Each Race for the Galaxy expansion adds a new wrinkle to the base game. You will need the Race for the Galaxy App to try these expansions out.

A Gathering Storm was the first expansion for the game. The big new things it adds to the game are goals. There are two types of goals, first goals and most goals. You earn first goals by being the first to meet their requirements; they are worth 3 VPs. Most goals are worth 5 VPs and are held by the player that meets their requirements the most number of times. So they can be stolen.

The second expansion is Rebel vs Imperium. It adds a mechanic for attacking and taking over another player’s military planets. A successful takeover requires the attacker’s military power be greater then the defender’s military power plus the planet’s defense.

Brink of War adds a new resource, prestige and a new search. Prestige can be earned in a few different ways and spent to help you gain advantages when performing actions. Each round you check for the player that has the most prestige. That player gains 1 VP. Everyone also starts the game with a special once per game search ability. You can ask to search the draw deck for a card from nine different categories.

All the expansions add new start worlds, more development cards, and additional planets to settle.

Quick Review of the Race for the Galaxy App Expansions:

If you have played the physical version of Race for the Galaxy you know that the expansions add a lot. Some are better than others but they all add new elements to the game play.

The tutorial for each expansion is good but abbreviated. So you may need to have a look at the full rules to fully grasp takeovers and prestige. But there is nothing added that is too hard to grasp.

The Gathering Storm is a must have it makes the game a lot better. Having the goals gives you something to aim for as you build your tableau. I think it helps new players with the learning curve for this game.

I also really enjoy Rebel vs Imperium. It adds some nice new cards, but I tend not to play with takeovers. It is nice that you can toggle takeovers on and off in the app and customize the game to your preference.

Of the three expansions Brink or War is my least favorite. The super search function is nice but the prestige can feel like a bit too much to keep track of. You do get used to it, but it can over-complicate the game if you add it without being used to the earlier expansions.

The AI is still on point and the expansions add some fun new ways to compete against it. I do wish pass-n-play would be added to this awesome digital adaptation of this great game. If these expansions seem fun, you can buy them via the app.

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