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Quiver Review

QuiverThe Quiver is a card-carrying case you can use to make your card games or small board games portable. You can even use it for carrying other things you want to keep organized and protected.

Quiver Description:

The Quiver is a 17.5 x 3.2 x 4.2 inch padded case with a durable leather exterior. It comes with four acrylic separators, five velcro dividers and 100 clear standard card sleeves. The whole interior is padded and it can hold up to 1350 unsleeved cards or 770 in sleeves. It is big enough to accommodate deck boxes. There is netting in the case lid that can hold rules or other tiles. You can attach a shoulder or wrist strap to the Quiver for easy and adjustable carrying options too.

Quick Review of the Quiver:

I went on a trip to Italy and wanted to bring some games along to play with my family. The Quiver was a great way to make my games portable and keep them safe. It is durable, well made and looks great.


The padded interior keeps cards safe and is big enough for sleeved cards (which is important to me). And the dividers were key to keep all my games separated and organized. I used the wrist strap and left the shoulder strap at home as I was not toting this around long distances. But it’s nice to have the options to use either carrying method.

If you are looking a way to take some games with you in a safe and compact manner checkout the Quiver. It looks good and keeps your games organized on the road.

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