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Post Human W.A.R. Digital Game Review

Post-Human W.A.R.Post Human W.A.R. is a turn-based digital strategy game. It is set in a world where humans have died off and three factions have risen to fight over what remains.

Post Human W.A.R. Description:

In Post Human W.A.R. humans are extinct. Three factions the robots, primates and wild animals are fighting over what’s left of earth. You choose a faction and go. At the beginning of of a game you have a certain amount money to spend on units. Each unit has stats for health, movement, armor, damage, and range.

You buy your units and place them in your starting area. Then you secretly designate one unit to be your champion. To win you must eliminate the opposing champion. But first you must figure out who it is.

You can play the solo campaign mode or live multiplayer online. Each faction has a six scenario campaign mode with different victory conditions you can play through. Or you can choose your favorite faction and play online. Winning these games earns you coins to spend on skins and avatars.

Post-Human W.A.R.

Quick Review of Post Human W.A.R.:

Post Human W.A.R. is wacky and fun. I am not sure how much staying power it will have but if you enjoy RTS games it is definitely entertaining.

The game looks really great and the wacky graphics go right along with the game’s theme. The animations look good, especially each units’ death animation.

The tutorial is well done and makes learning the game a snap. It also gives you the lowdown on how the earth got to its current state and fills you in on the backgrounds of the three factions.

Picking a champion and trying to figure out which unit is your opponent’s champion is an interesting mechanic. It creates some fun situations where you and your opponent try to bluff each other.

While not strictly a board game, Post Human W.A.R. plays similarly to some analog wargames. If you enjoy real-time strategy games try this one out. It is available on Steam.


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