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Pandemic App Review

pandemic-appThe Pandemic App is a digital representation of this now classic cooperative board game. You can play it and control all the players or pass and play with your friends.

Pandemic App Description:

Pandemic is one of the best cooperative board games on the market. If you have never played the board game, you should read my overview and review here.

The app plays almost the exact same as the board game. It just takes care of all the details like raising the infection rate, tracking the outbreaks and setting up the draw deck.

Your team may have two to four players whose roles are randomly determined. Or you can choose your team’s role. The roles included in the app are from the second edition of the game.

Just like in the board game there are different difficulty settings, three to be exact. The higher you set the difficulty the more epidemics in the game.


Quick Review of the Pandemic App:

The Pandemic App is a great digital representation of the board game. It has a nice interface and a good tutorial. Even if you have never tried the board game, the tutorial teaches the ins and outs of the game quickly. And it is very easy to navigate on the map and see your players’ hands.

For experienced Pandemic players it is nice to be able to be able to increase the difficulty. You can also purchase the In the Lab expansion to mix things up.

It plays a better on a tablet than a phone but just because it is easier to see more of the map. It is still very playable but will take more time to survey the state of the world.

You can play on different systems including iPhone, iPad or Android.

If you are a Pandemic fan, the digital version is fun to have. If I were playing with a group of friends, I’d probably still play the analog version. But if you are traveling or don’t want to haul the physical game around you can still play and enjoy the digital version with a group.

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