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Mille Bornes App Review

Mille Bornes AppMille Bornes is a classic French car-racing card game and this digital adaptation plays a lot like the original. That said it does have a few features to spice up the game play.

Mille Bornes App Description:

Your goal in Mille Bornes is to be the first player to drive 1000km. On your turn you must play or discard a card. The cards either add more km to your total, give another player a hazard, or let you recover from a hazard.

There are four cards in the deck that make you immune to a specific hazard for the rest of the game. If you play these while under that immunities hazard you get an extra turn.

The digital version of the app adds a board with special spaces that can help you or just slow you down. You can play it against the AI or pass and play.

Mille Bornes App

Quick Review of the Mille Bornes App:

I remember playing Mille Bornes when I was younger and enjoying it. Now that I am older it holds some nostalgia but not as much enjoyment. Sometimes the game plays itself. You have few decisions and some turns you’ll have no choices based on your card draw.

That said my kids enjoyed playing the app in pass and play mode. The visuals are bright and cartoony. So maybe I am no longer the target audience. We played a few pass and play games and it was an upgrade over solo play.

The new maps is an interesting twist. It is cool to get a shortcut but some special space’s effects are random. This might frustrate some players. But overall the maps add to the game’s replay value.

There is a lot of take that in this game. So if you or your kids are sensitive to that, you might not enjoy it. But if you enjoy are looking for a fun distraction for you and your kids, pick the Mille Bornes App up. It is available on iOS, Android and Steam.

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