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Holiday Board Game Gift Guide – 2017

Gift GuideWell it is that time of the year again. This guide covers board games that I have played this passed year and think can make some good gifts this holiday season. If I have reviewed the game you can click its name to read the full review. My older gift guides are still relevant so you can click here to check them out.

My Board Game Gift Guide for 2017

For Ages 7-12
Quantum – This is a fast, fun area control game that uses dice for ships.
Seikatsu – This is a quick, fun, tile-laying game in which you are trying to match types of birds to score instantly. And match the flowers on the tiles for end game scoring.
Gekido: Bot Battles – A robot arena fighting game where you attack by rolling pairs, a full house or other poker hands. You get three rolls. Get what you need and damage your opponent. Miss and you hurt yourself.

For Ages 12+
Orleans – A bag building, worker placement game that has a bit of a learning curve.
Adrenaline – This first-person shooter uses area control in how it awards VPs for damage. But to inflict that damage you need to manage your resources well.

For 2 players
Codenames Duet – Codenames but for two-players. Very well designed and very fun (just like the original).
Star Wars: Rebellion – This is an epic struggle between the Empire and the Rebellion. The Empire is searching to find the Rebel base and eliminate it. And the Rebel player is hoping to avoid detection and survive long enough to start a full scale revolt. It is long but full of theme and fun.

Party Games
That’s a Question – A game in which you ask friends questions then vote on how they’ll answer to move up the scoring track.
Ta-da – You and your friends play as wizards trying to be the first to cast your spell. Each spell has a specific die combo you must roll. You must act fast and if successful your spell might effect other players the next round.

Cooperative Games
Dragonfire – This fun, deck-building game shines if you have a group that wants to try and finish the campaign.
Exit – An escape room in a box that will take everyone thinking together to solve some tough puzzles.

Any gift ideas you think I missed? Anything you want or have received as a gift over this past year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and enjoy this holiday season.


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