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Heroes of Normandie App Review

Heroes of Normandie AppThe Heroes of Normandie app is a digital version of the two-player, skirmish board game. You can play as the US, Commonwealth or German army and each mission has different victory conditions.

Heroes of Normandie App Description:

Heroes of Normandie has a wacky and fun tutorial. The entire game has a flippant, whimsical attitude. But that doesn’t mean the game is light or lacks tactical depth.

Each mission begins with a brief that details your objectives. You also start the game with four cards. You can use cards to boost your units, penalize your foes or alter the rules.

Your turn is made up of three phases; Order, Activate and Supply. In the Order phase you select which units you will activate that turn. You even have a bluff token to mask your intentions. Then you and your opponent alternate activating units in the order you choose. Lastly in the Supply phase you can move any units that were not ordered this turn. At the end of your turn you draw back up to four cards.


In addition to the tutorial there are four other ways to play. You can play in campaign, skirmish, multi-player or rogue-like mode. There are six campaigns to play through versus the AI. Skirmish mode is for a quick, one-shot game. Multiplayer is similar but not against the AI. And the rogue-like mode lets you purchase units from the start. If units die you lose them but can repurchase units at the end of a winning mission.

The game allows you to customize a few things. You can adjust the difficulty and make things harder as you get better. You can even build and play on your own custom maps.

Quick Review of the Heroes of Normandie App:

I cannot compare the Heroes of Normandie app to its physical counterpart, as I have not played it. But I think it might be a game better served digitally. I am not saying the board game is not fun, but the app takes care of a lot of the fiddliness this game presents.

The game looks great and the interface is well done. Some of the cards have text that is a bit too small. But you can pinch and zoom as necessary. The zany characters are well drawn and full of personality.

The app does all the math for modifiers and shows you your chance to hit your target. So you don’t need to do probability calculations in your head.

If you enjoy skirmish war games for two or wacky WWII themes, you should give Heroes of Normandie a try. It is fun and has plenty of game modes to keep you busy. You can play across different systems including iOS or Steam.

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