Dungeon Crawler Miniatures Townfolk and Omens Review

DCM Townfolk and  OmensPreviously I told you about the Dungeon Crawler Miniatures, From the Depths series. Since then two more sets have been released, Townfolk and Omens.

Townfolk are pretty much what they sound like, people you typically find in most fantasy-world towns. There is a beggar, a merchant, a seductress and a scamp.

All are painted well and could be used for a few different things. The beggar is an old woman that could also be used for a hag. The merchant could be a blacksmith or butcher. The seductress could be a sorceress or most any non-armor wearing PC. The scamp could be a hobbit, halfling, or even a child.

Omens includes a giant ant, mastiff, raven and wood coffin. This set may be less versatile than the Townfolk set, but these miniatures are just a useful. The raven makes a great miniature for your wizard’s fowl familiar. The mastiff can fill in as any dog. The coffin looks awesome and the lid is even removable.

These pre-painted miniatures are durable and look great. If you need some miniatures for your fantasy RPG look into these. Currently there is a kickstarter campaign for another set of Dungeon Crawler miniatures, called Tidal Wave. Be sure to check out these water themed miniatures.

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