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Dungeon Crawler Mines of Khurgan Review

Mines of KhurganStats:
No. of players: 1 – 6
Amount of time to play: 60 min
Age requirements: 13+
Set-up time: 5 min

Mines of Khurgan is an expansion for Dungeon Crawler. It adds 82 new cards for you to add to your dungeon.

Dungeon Crawler Mines of Khurgan Description:

The Mines of Khurgan expansion is themed around an abandoned mine that is full of dark evil monsters. You can explore them and brave the encounters within.

If you have never played Dungeon Crawler and want to understand the basic mechanics, read my review here. This review is about the new elements introduced in the Mines of Khurgan.

The new cards include one Adventurer, one Quest, 40 Crawler cards and 40 Dungeon cards. None of these add new rules or vastly different interactions.

The Creatures and Terrain fit the theme. There a few new types of Kobolds including the chieftain, Skwee. Skwee is unique (like Greenknee) and is tough. He helps other small Creatures, can make you discard cards and can regenerate. Some of the new terrain aids small Creatures too and makes the Kobolds and other denizens of the mines even deadlier.

The Ice Dwarf Explorer is a new Adventurer. She has the same class and icon as the Gypsy Thief. She is not quite as skilled or tactical as he is but can use better equipment and has one more hit point.

The box also has a punch card with more tokens. They are all repeats from the base game, but they help ensure you won’t run out of them.

Quick Review of Mines of Khurgan:

Mines of Khurgan is a fine addition to the Dungeon Crawler Series. It is not groundbreaking and does not add new mechanics to the game, but it does add more choices. The new cards maintain the balance of the game which is important in this system.

The art is very good on these cards and help convey the mines and the depths you are exploring. The cards are the same good quality as those in the base set too.

I like having more choice and things to customize my deck with. This is what makes Mines of Khurgan a successful expansion. I am sure some people think these are just additional cards, but they really are additional choices. This also means there are no new rules to learn or teach.

I like having a new unique villain to fight and even think you could make an interesting deck using both uniques. If you are looking for tips to build dungeons with the new cards go to the forums on the Dungeon Crawler website. If you have all the expansions to date, you can even check out the scenarios that include the new cards.

If you have Dungeon Crawler and would like more options for customization get Mines of Khurgan. I think there are enough new things in this expansion that make it worth purchasing. Just be sure you understand there are not new rules and mechanics introduced in this expansion.

Score and synopsis: (Click here for an explanation of these review categories.)
Strategy 3 out of 6
Luck 4 out of 6
Player Interaction N/A (or 4) out of 6 (It depends on the format you play.)
Replay Value 5 out of 6
Complexity 4 out of 6
Fun 4 out of 6
Overall 5 out of 6

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