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Dominion General Strategy Tips

Dominion GameThis article assumes you have played or are familiar with how to play this game, if you aren’t read my Dominion review. I named this general strategy tips because as always in Dominion you must be aware of the cards in the supply and they are what should dictate your strategy.

My Dominion Strategy Tips

Get 8…buy one: A Province that is. Over 90% of the time if you get 8 treasure you should buy a Province. I am sure there are a few cases this isn’t true, but Provinces are the most efficient way to get victory points and not clog up your hand.

6 or 7 = Gold: If you get 6 or 7 treasure you should probably buy a Gold. There are a couple cards in Dominion Intrigue that cost 6, but if these aren’t in the mix it is always a pretty good move to get a Gold. Again this is more about efficiency. The time this may not be the best move is when the game is near the end and everyone is hurriedly buying victory points. If you buy the Gold you probably may never get through your deck to see it. In that case, I’d buy an Estate and a Duchy with 7 treasure (and an extra buy) or just a Duchy with 6 treasure.

Too much action: This tends to happen the first time trying out the game or playing with a new mix in the supply. You see all those fun actions and just start buying them up…maybe even randomly. You really need to have a bit of a strategy behind what you are buying. And be sure not to buy too many actions.

Cash is King: This tip is closely tied to the one above. Treasure buys victory points or better currency not actions. If you are not sure what to buy or think you may not need that action you are thinking of buying, buy treasure. I don’t believe an all treasure-based strategy always wins (like some people), but it can definitely keep you in the running.

Less is More: Less Copper tends to be better for your hand. I am not saying never buy a Copper, but if you can I’d usually buy something else. I usually won’t even use an extra buy to get a Copper unless it is very early in the game. Your treasure is better spent on Silver or Gold. This strategy may not work if you are playing a Gardens deck or the Coppersmith when you want more cards or more Copper.

Get what you want: Have four treasure but the card you really want only costs two? Don’t feel like you have to spend all the treasure you get. Buy the card you can afford that you think will help your deck. Giving into feeling like you are wasting treasure and buying something less than optimal is worse than wasting some treasure. That is unless you get 8 treasure, but I already talked about that.

Sorry for all caveats, but honestly the supply of Kingdom Cards will be the biggest determination for your strategy. Hopefully these tips will help you win that next game of Dominion you play. Do you have any general Dominion strategy tips I didn’t think of?

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