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Dominion: Seaside + Alchemy Session Report

Dominion Seaside Card GameThis was a random supply from Dominion: Seaside and Dominion: Alchemy. There were six cards from Seaside and four from Alchemy.

The Supply consisted of: (view cards here)
Apprentice, Apothecary, Bazaar, Familiar, Ghost Ship, Haven, Navigator, Smugglers, Vineyard, Wharf

Seeing Vineyards in the Supply I was thinking to build up VPs with them while hurting my opponents with a couple Familiars. It almost worked but Jeff just edged me out.

Me – 23
Meredith – 17
Jeff – 26
Matt – 9
Jim – 20

The second game using this Supply I thought I’d tweak things a little. I figured a couple Potions and Wharfs would help me get more Vineyards. They did but I never got a Familiar and fell prey to having too many Curses. I was able to trash one or two with Apprentice, but that wasn’t quite enough.

Me – 16
Meredith – -1
Jeff – 11
Matt – 20
Jim – 5

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One Response to “Dominion: Seaside + Alchemy Session Report”

  1. Matt says:

    Was as much a surprise to me that it worked than anything. The difference between my two rounds was that in the first I was very late to getting a Familiar or an Apprentice and only picked up one vineyard. In the second game, I played largely the same, but picked up 3 vineyards early, a lot of smugglers, and familiars in the midgame.

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