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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

RPG Review

Easy Dice Roller Product Review

Easy Dice Roller Co. creates products for gamers. I recently got a dice tray, some metal dice and a tabletop gaming mat.

Curse of Strahd Review

Curse of Strahd is Ravenloft for 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons. This module revisits this classic adventure and gives you ways to add more horror to your current campaign.

Out of the Abyss Review

Out of the Abyss is a campaign for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. It takes place in the Underdark and is full of powerful demons.

Unleashed RPG Review

The Unleashed RPG is set in the wilds of Iron Kingdoms. In this fantasy setting you play monsters that roam and fight for survival in Western Immoren.

Princes of the Apocalypse Review

Princes of the Apocalypse is a campaign for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. It is a re-working of the classic Temple of Elemental Evil adventure series.