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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

party game

Codenames Board Game Review

Codenames is a party, word game of deduction. Can you find your missing agents and lead your team to victory before your opponents?

Rhino Hero Review

Rhino Hero is family game that plays like Jenga but with cards. You construct a building and the cards you place as roofs will affect the next player (kinda like Uno).

Time’s Up Review

Time’s Up is a party game in which you must get your team to guess celebrities. But over the three rounds of play what information you can give and how changes.

Maximum Throwdown Review

Maximum Throwdown is a card-throwing party game. Your cards have icons that give you abilities or score points but they have to be totally uncovered to matter.

That’s It! Party Game Review

That’s It! is a party game. You are given a clue with many answers. Be the first player to answer correctly and you score points which get you cards. The first player to collect three cards wins.