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Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports

Board Game Reviews

Israeli Air Force Leader Review

Israeli Air Force Leader puts you in command of the Israeli Air Force. You must choose and arm your squadrons and pilots to fly selected real and hypothetical campaigns from 1948 to 2020.

Star Trek Ascendency Ferengi & Cardassian Expansion Review

The Ferengi Alliance and Cardassian Union are two new factions to play in Star Trek Ascendency. They add new play styles, systems, and more.

Post Human W.A.R. Digital Game Review

Post Human W.A.R. is a turn-based digital strategy game. It is set in a world where humans have died off and three factions have risen to fight over what remains.

Top 10 Board Games I was Introduced to in 2017

It has been another year and many new games were played this past year. Here is my list of the best board games I played for the first time in 2017.

51st State Master Set Review

51st State Master Set is the latest version of the game. It streamlines some rules and makes the game easier to teach.