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Carcassonne Tiles & Tactics App Review

Carcassonne Tiles & TacticsCarcassonne is a tile-laying board game in which you place meeples to score VPs. The app recently got a facelift and some other tweaks.

Carcassonne App Description:

In Carcassonne you draw a tile and must place it so that its terrain aligns correctly. Then you have the option to place a meeple on that tile. The meeple will score you VPs depending on where you placed it. Meeples do not score until the area they are scoring is complete. The game ends once all the tiles have been drawn and placed. Then all meeples still on the board score. The player with the most points wins.

In the app you can play against one to five other players. The AI players have three different difficulty levels. Both pass and play and asynchronous online play are available. You can set the length of asynchronous games to suit you.

The game has an isometric 3D view that can be switched to a top down 2D view. There is also a view that just shows you farmers and the cities they are associated with.

Quick Review of the Carcassonne App:

Carcassonne Tiles & Tactics is good digital adaptation of the original board game. The graphics looks nice and the game plays much like an experienced player would expect.

I like that you can witch the view from 3D to 2D and that meeples on the board bounce. This makes them easy to see. And the field view is really great. The board can become a bit cluttered so being able to see exactly which cities a farmer is associated with is great.

I do wish the colors of the player and AI badges matched their chosen color in the game. It can be a bit confusing if you don’t take blue but your player icon is blue. I also with there was an option to only score 2 VPs for a 2 tile city. The AI could be a bit tougher too. Games are close but I rarely lose. But none of these is a big deal.

If you enjoy Carcassonne and want to play it digitally or online you should get Carcassonne Tiles & Tactics. It is available Android and Steam.

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